空拍機攝影 (The drone photography)


Motives: For years to come, I use Canon DLSR as the main tools for my photography no matter to shoot images for portrait、landscape or travel, the image prospect normally at the eye level, so feel amazing when view some different prospect images specially the bird view ones, but aerial photography is a kind of dream for most of the people in the past, now in the 21st century, the boosting science and technology turns the aerial photography become possible in the digit world by the drones, so here I would like to share my not very acquainted experience of the drone photography.


器材由於近年來無人操控空中載具(UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)蓬勃發展,無論軟硬體都已日漸成熟,市面上的空拍機廠牌五花八門,有低價的入門機種也有高價的職業型機種,其中比較有名的有兩家分別是中國大陸的 “DJI大疆和美國的 “Gopro Karma”,兩者的優劣在網路上的評論不一而終其實也無法得到結論,因此根據每個人不同的須求來選擇適當的產品才是重點,我在開始學習空拍機拍照時選的是美國品牌的 “Gopro Karma”,主要的原因是因為我已使用過Gopro的Hero5行動攝影機喜歡它的影片畫質,同時有些零件也可續用,但有趣的是Gopro公司由於市場競爭激烈不堪虧損及產品的一些瑕疵已將空拍機部門關閉,使消費者不知何去何從,衷心的希望有一天他們能再度站起來。

飛行控制度(Karma controller)


Karma空拍機 ( Gopro Karma Drone)


Karma三軸穩定器 (Gopro Karma Grip)

1/180秒, (f/2.8), ISO100, 3mm (gopro raw)

1/3200秒, (f/2.8), ISO100, 3mm (gopro raw)

GearsThe UAV ((Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) devices have been developed and become popular recently, the hard and soft ware are also turning matured day by day, there are many brands of drones in the market including the easy low cost ones for the hobbyists and the multi function and expensive ones for profession or commercial flying, but only two of them who get most market shares, one is DJI and the other is Gopro Karma, there are endless discussion on these two brands for their advantage in the market, but the comparison are quite different and complicated, the conclusion has not been reached yet, but I think the customers’ usage should be the main point on purchasing. I started the drone photography with Gopro karma drone, the main reason is I have had already Gopro Hero5 for my travel videos and like it’s footage quality, it can be used on the karma drone too, but what interested is Gopro has closed their drone production and withdrawing from the competition, because of the cost、poor profit and also some manufacturing defects in 2018, I am as one of the customers who really hope they will join the market again in the future, nevertheless the UAV devices have become the star branch of the technology for tomorrow.


1/160秒, (f/2.8), ISO100, 3mm (gopro raw)

1/1000秒, (f/2.8), ISO100, 3mm (gopro raw)

LearningOwing to lack of any experience, I did have a hard time for the last 2 months, furthermore the negative information about Gopro drone flooded in the web made the learning even harder, but after a profound study like the operating procedures、 fly precaution and safety regulation, I think karma drone is an simple and easily operated device, the important parts are the pre-fly check SOP. that are including update firmwarewell-charged batterycalibrate the compass and acceleration meter etc., watch the latitude and distance limit during the flight and the connection between the drone and the controller, then there shouldn’t be a severe accident, last but not least is you should be familiar with the pilor skill to manually operate it flying back safely when something happened. 

1/120秒, (f/2.8), ISO129, 3mm (gopro raw)

使用目的由於我使用無人機的主要目的是要由空中拍攝影像,因此須要徹底了解裝在無人機上攝影機的各種拍攝模式和設定,網路上有一本作者是Jordan Hetrick的電子書Gopro: How to use gopro karma drone是很好的參考資料,大致上Gopro相機的設定與一般專業相機相似如光圈、快門、ISO值、白平衡等,一般在光線充足時Gopro攝影機具有自動拍攝功能一般都能拍出不同格式的漂亮影像(包括RAWJEPG),比較須要須要學習的部份是在拍攝日出、夕陽時的曝光設定,此時須選擇手動設定相機,ISO值的高低會影響畫質,而快門的快慢也會影響畫面的亮暗,在光線較低的環境如日初、夕陽或是夜間拍攝須按現場的明亮試拍幾張找出理想的曝光組合。

1/15秒, (f/2.8), ISO157, 3mm (gopro raw)

2秒, (f/2.8), ISO200, 3mm (gopro raw)

The usagesTo do aerial photography is my purpose to fly a drone, I have to first dig into the modes and setting of the camera on the drone, there is a digital book in the web named ” Gopro: How to use gopro karma drone” by Jordan Hetrick which offers detailed lecture, generally the setting of Gopro camera are similar to a point and shoot camera, including the shutter、ISO and white balance etc., Gopro camera has a good performance ( jepg or raw) when the ambient is bright, it’s auto function can give a quite good images, the important setting for this camera is in the low light ( Sunrise and Sunset) or the night shooting, the manual setting are needed in these situation, the ISO is too high or the shutter is too slow will all affect the image quality, and the Gopro camera has poor ability when in low light or at night, so some test shoots will be needed to find a best camera setting.

1/30秒, (f/2.8), ISO387, 3mm (gopro raw)

安全規範無人機的飛行活動有許多潛在的危險,由於是在空中飛行一旦墜落有可能造成建物損壞或人員的傷亡,因此各國對無人機的飛行都有嚴格的規定,想要從事無人機飛行的人應充分了解相關的規定和限制,另外無人機的飛行須要依靠GPS的定位信號才能穩定的在空中飛行,並且無人機是由控制器發射的無線信號來操作飛行,因此兩者之間的信號傳輸如遭到干擾或切斷都會使其發生意外,因此在飛行前除了完整的飛行前檢查外,必須了解飛行環境的自然條件是否符合,包括風速、溫度、天氣狀況、能見度、GPS衛星可見度及環境的電磁干擾(Kp)等,在網路上有免費的App (“UAV Forecast”“Magnetology”)可下載來參考。

1/40秒, (f/2.8), ISO142, 3mm (gopro raw)

2秒, (f/2.8), ISO200, 3mm (gopro raw)

1/7秒, (f/2.8), ISO388, 3mm (gopro raw)

Safety regulationsThere are potential danger in the drone flying, it will cause a serious damage to the construction or human life when it crashes, so there are already rules or regulations issued in many countries, to follow these regulations is essential when flying a drone, the GPS signal and wireless connection are the another vital factors to get a safety fly, except the pre-fly check, the pilot also need to know if the nature environment is allowed to fly, which include wind、temperature weather conditionvisibilityvisible satellites and magnetic interference (Kp value) etc., there are Apps in the web like “UAV Forecast”“Magnetology” can be a good help.

1/30秒, (f/2.8), ISO176, 3mm (gopro raw)

結語:個人從事無人機空拍攝影以來顫顫驚驚從練習飛行到如何設定相機的曝光都是一段辛苦和緊張的過程,由於無人機的價格很高而且一旦發生意外損壞的風險是無法避免的,因此建議有心要學習空拍攝影,可先選擇低價入門的品牌或機型來練習,且多上網參考其他人的噗文和經驗,另外如參加飛行俱樂部的論談如“Gopro Pilot”等也是不錯的選擇。

1/180秒, (f/2.8), ISO100, 3mm (gopro raw)

2秒, (f/2.8), ISO200, 3mm (gopro raw)

1/280秒, (f/2.8), ISO100, 3mm (gopro raw)

The ending:Since I became a drone pilot, it has been a difficult sometimes a little scaring process, flying a drone will be a very costly event when it crashes, I suggest to get a low cost and easy operating drone for learning when start, find the posts in the web or join the forums such as “Gopro Pilot” can be quite a help.