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攝影的深奧有一股讓人無法忘卻而想去找尋的魅力, 一張動人照片的誕生是奇妙又可遇不可求的,相較早期的器材設備, 現代數位科技的攝影及後製技術更可將作者心境及情緒溶入其中, 此網站是想討論利用現代的科技如何能將影像作不同或更貼近作者心境的詮釋.

一個影像由攝取經過整理再以不同形式輸出及呈現等等是一項浩大的工程, 過程中的林林總總是成就一個了不起攝影師所必須經歷的, 然時間及歷練卻是成就一張另人驚豔影像的必經之路, 但拜現代科技所賜能否縮短此漫漫長路, 對版主來說是汲汲想找的答案.

版主並無悠久在攝影上的經歷, 但在探索現代科技如何能成就動人的影像尤其光線在影像中扮演的角色是版主不斷在追求的, 版主的工業及工程背景在攝影藝術的領域裡是有偏向技術的迷思. 以上內容與各位同好分享.

The profound of the photography owns a unforgettable pursuing power driving people to locate the answer, the born of an image is such an wondrous and won’t come again matter, comparing to the equipment in the earlier generation,the modern digital technology in photography including shooting and post processing can further enhancing the motion of a photographer when creating their works.

How a photographer can render his image more close to the intent which existing in deep of his mind bythe modern technology, is what I would like to share with the friends who visit this site.

When we create an image, it turns out to be like a big construction which have a lot of efforts been through from capturing, post-processing and presenting etc. and then to finalize a great photographer.

But behind an great image, there are time and life duration in creating, I wonder that with modern sophisticated equipment in photography, can it be shorten to complete the goal. I am not long enough an experienced photographer, but in the field to create great image specially in lighting with the help of the modern technology is what I am dreaming of.

I am coming from the industrial world as my job for living, it may be a kind of technology preference in the art of the photography,I don’t aware whether this will be a gaining or losing in my way to a successful photography hobby career ahead.

Thank you for sharing the above.


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