James Shih

角板山梅花(The sun set of the plum tree park)


Winter in the northern part of Taiwan the weather is always cloudy and drizzle, today in the plum trees park in the Tao Yuan county, I met the bright Winter sunshine, Owing to the plum blossom are in a low temperature normally, the flower seemed tiring of the hot weather.  

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Model 棚拍(Studio Portrait)_Gloria



This time I asked again Gloria as my model, She is an experienced model for the portrait shooting, we both have the better interacting in the shooting through the first gathering last time, She also can meet my needs on the clothing and poses.

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野柳駱駝峰夕陽(North Eastern coast sunset)


Monday afternoon there were not many visitors in this coast area, I climbed along the coast to a rock surrounding hill, it looks like a camel back at the peak from the view down the hill, so it might be the name of the spot “the camel back peak”, but it can be better for a sunrise shooting other than the sunset, because of the rock facing to the east.

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2017跨年煙火(New year count down fireworks of 101 tower)


Year 2016 is approaching to the end, for the local photographers it is again will take the event of the Taipei 101 tower (which was the highest building in the world total 508 meters) fireworks, but this year the budget faced some problem and almost be cancelled, I haven’t been to the popular shooting spot (the 102 hill of the tiger mountain in the suburb Taipei which I have been for the past 5 or 6 years) this time, owing to the embracing situation revealed.

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挪威夏季北極生態探險歸來(Back from the Svalbard Photo Expedition summer 2016#2)

在 “2016挪威北極生態探險之旅行前” 文內提到有關此次再度前往挪威北極(Svalbard群島)的目的和想法,其中最主要的想法是根據過去兩次經驗,以一個攝影人來說參加小團體行程似較能聚焦北極生態的拍攝,因此決定首次參加由挪威當地攝影師Sevin Wik帶隊的團體,由於人數不多(10人)可搭乘小型動力帆船,優點是機動性高並且可非常靠近拍攝的目標、行程內容彈性較高,但缺點則是生活的舒適性較差,無論如何我們是以拍攝照片為主要目的,在小團體中大家相互幫助、包容也是一番新的體會,此行見識挪威人個性的嚴謹和驚人的耐力,由於我是唯一的台灣人特別能體會他們對外國人的禮貌,而非經驗裡維京人的印象,在小船上生活均採互助使拍攝活動更加靈活充實。

In the blog of ” before Svalbard Photo Expedition Summer 2016″, I mentioned the thought about the trip again to Svalbard, among them the main point is as a photographer to join the small group can more concentrate on the wildlife shooting according to the previous 2 large group cruises, so the result was to join the local photographer Sevin Wik’s group, with total 10 people cruised by a powered yacht, the advantage is we have more flexible schedules and closer to the shooting subjects, but suffering a not much comfortable living condition comparing to the large group ones, nevertheless, our purpose of the cruise is to get more interesting images of the wildlife, further more we shared a help each other mode of the stay in a small photography group, I had at the first time experiencing the character and powerful endurance of the Norwegian people, as a Taiwanese, I experienced a different style of the tough Vikings which replaced by a more polite manners to the foreign people, we enjoyed a more colorful photo shooting by sharing one another the living or photography skills during the cruise.

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挪威夏季北極生態探險之旅行前(Before Svalbard Photo Expedition summer 2016#2)


After the cruise of the travel to Svalbard last year for the photography of the wildlife in the Polar area (see my pose of “Come back from Svalbard”), the feeling of how to get closer to watch the Polar landscape and wildlife is getting stronger,

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Model外拍_Yun(Location Portrait)


此次外拍再次約了Model Yun來街拍,時間也延長為一天,拍攝的地點選在台北的信義區商圈,規劃路線由早上的誠品書店、台北市政府、世貿第3停車場,中午休息下午的信義公民會館及信義基隆路口陸橋等地,地點的安排及順序是希望能避開星期日的人潮。

  此次的打光安排使用3只Canon 580EX II為主燈,以環境光線為副燈,早上光線較強使用裸燈以搭配現場光的亮度,下午環境光線減弱,將主燈加一八角柔光罩,使光線較為柔和、平均並溶入四周光線,整個過程為增強都會街拍的效果,以低色溫約3400k設定相機,主燈加一Full CTO的濾片約5500k,使打在model上的光線保持原來的膚色,而不至因低色溫形成色偏。

This session is to use 3 Canon 580EX II as the main light and the ambient as the fill, I set the bare flash in the morning and use Westcott Rapid Box-26″Octa softbox in the afternoon for the fading ambient light, camera white balance 3400K and a full CTO filter for the flash as 5500K.

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長時間曝光技巧及心得(Long exposure technique and how-to)



In between the seasons of Spring and Summer, there is a landscape of the moss growing in the NE Taiwan coast, especially in a grooved rocks shore called “Lau Mei”, in between groove the milky water formed by the waves  turn out to be a strong contrast with the moss on the rocks during the Low/ high tides, it needs to know the timing of the tides every day before the tour to get a good shoot.

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冰島冬季冰凍探險歸來(Come back from Iceland the frozen north)

前篇已說到此行前對冰島的一些印象及親身經歷,對冰島這個面積有3個台灣大人口只有30多萬的國家其實和台灣有非常多相似的地方,都是沒有豐富資源面積不大的地方,但是人民都是非常努力工作自力自強,但除此之外冰島卻有著我們沒有的美麗無比的景色,不論夏冬都呈現不同的風貌,冰島是歐洲大陸地形隆起的尖端部份,整個島是一座火山地貌,蘊藏豐富的地熱能源,因此鋁業成為冰島的重要外銷產業,冰島在不同季節都能呈現迷人的美麗景觀,特別是日出日落的大自然色彩和情境,經歷2008年的金融危機後這次再訪冰島,感受到他們已從困境中站起來,市面上到處可見的建築工事和擁擠的觀光客,在在顯示冰島已漸回復往日的繁華 。

The last blog on Jan.16,2016 has mentioned some impression and experience on the travel of Iceland, with this country which is 3 times bigger in area but the population are only 1.3% as Taiwan of 300 thousands, there are some similar faces with both of us, those are we don’t have enough resource and people work hard for their lives, but Iceland owns gorgeous landscape except, there are totally different faces of the landscape no matter in summer and winter in Iceland, Iceland is at the ridge of the European continent, the whole island is a volcano terrain, which rich in the underground heat, so the aluminum industry become one of their exports, there are unique view in the different seasons in Iceland specially the mood of colorful sunrise and sunset, this time I have seen the growth and come out of the financial dilemma since 2008 by busy constructions everywhere in Iceland, that I can see their past glory is coming back.

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東北霧淞單頂鶴 (Shooting landscape ane wild lifes in Northern East China)


End of last year (2015) in December, I joined HKAPA- a Hong Kong photography group to Northern East China, the itinerary were including the shooting of “tiger”、”red dot head crane” and the beautiful snow view of the Northern East China,

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