Model 棚拍(Studio Portrait)_Ruby


My monthly portrait shooting invite Ruby as my model this month, she is a student majors in active performance, I can see she is really an enthusiast in the model performance during the session.

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再談空拍機攝影 (More on the drone photography)


Preface: The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has become one of the most relevant digital product recently, it is getting become a necessary tool or platform through the mature and sophisticated technology, for example the information gatheringcell phone tower inspectionfarmingrecreation & hobbiesphotography etc.,

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法蘿群島秘境探奇行前(Before the “Faroe Islands” Tour)


I have concluded 3 photography trips last year, 2 times of far distance there were “Svalbard Spring Expedition 2018and Norway’s Lofoten Islands, 1 time of short distance the Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival 2018“, now for year 2019 I have planned 2 times of far distance, “the Faroe Islands, Landscape Gems of the North Atlantic” in May and “Epic South Georgia& The Falkland Islands” in October,

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空拍機攝影 (The drone photography)


Motives: For years to come, I use Canon DLSR as the main tools for my photography no matter to shoot images for portrait、landscape or travel, the image prospect normally at the eye level, so feel amazing when view some different prospect images specially the bird view ones, but aerial photography is a kind of dream for most of the people in the past, now in the 21st century, the boosting science and technology turns the aerial photography become possible in the digit world by the drones, so here I would like to share my not very acquainted experience of the drone photography.

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蒙古金鷹節慶典歸來(Back from the Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival 2018)


I plan every year for my photography tours after my retirement, and there is always one time travelling to the northern China, normally I join the group of “Hong Kong Art of Photography Association” for their expertise and inspiration in arranging the photography tour in China, I have nearly participated all of their Winter tour in Northern China, such as the wildlife shooting of Tigers、 Red dot crane winter landscapes the ancient Great Wall and Mongolian prairie etc., there are a lots of shooting topics around those tours, like wildlife horse galloping spectacular  Sunrise and Sunset landscape etc., this time the group leader Jacky Lim from the association organizes a tour to Mongolia for shooting the annual Golden Eagle Festival

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