Model外拍(Location Portrait)_Li Ting


This time I worked with a new model Li Ting, she is young and enthusing in modeling, I hope we can have more cooperation in the future, in Taiwan an amateur photographer like me is quite difficult to find a youngsters to be a model for the portrait shooting, most of them are part time job seekers, as to the professional models agent, the rate they charge you normally can’t imagined, so most of the time it isn’t easy to work with those part time seekers, in between the professional and them, only the enthusing models can be prepare them self before the shooting including make- up and clothing etc., and show their best poses afterward.

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Model外拍(Location Portrait)_Mandy


Today I invite first time Mandy to be my model, this is the first time we work together, so there are some unsmooth happened, but when I mentioned to her that she is a dancing teacher, so the poses can be from her dancing skill, then the shooting became nice, it was a hard time for the model that day the temperature reached around 36-37℃, but the afternoon storm shower at the sunset hours made us more comfortable afterward.

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Model 棚拍(Studio Portrait)_Gloria_3


This time I invite Gloria to be my model again but for a different shooting style, that is the boudoir, our mutual consensus has been established through the past several portrait shooting, especially in the clothing which in the boudoir there will be some intimate body exposure, I got a very successful result because of the Gloria ‘s totally cooperation, thank her again for her expertise and efforts.

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Model外拍(Location Portrait)_Gloria


In the end of the Spring temperature is getting hotter and hotter, notifying the Summer is arriving, today the weather is very hot and windless, although there is not a comfortable situation, but for our shooting session the light stand can be more save against falling, I drove with Gloria who is again my model about one hour arriving the Sun shining beach.

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設定相機的色彩描述檔(Camera Color Calibration)


We see a pretty photo that amaze us is because of its tonal value i.e. it’s bright and dark map but not its colors, that is the displaying of the dark to the bright zones have a smooth steps and details, and the color which we see is coming out from the color filters in front of the camera sensor according to the tonal value captured by the camera. But a pretty color photo will not only come from a more zones of bright and dark tonal value during the camera capture but also the  color consistency .

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