Model外拍(Location Portrait)_Vanessa_中正紀念堂

今天的人像拍攝請到的是一位新認識的model Vanessa, 她個子很高屬於90後的年青人體型,今天的服裝是3套裙裝,配合model的體型更顯的身材的修長,

Today I have invited a new model Vanessa, she is young and tall born after 90’s, she prepare 3 sets of skirt clothing that are more suitable for her body length,

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Model外拍(Location Portrait)_Li Ting_觀音

今天的model 是老朋友莉婷,我們開了約40分鐘車程來到拍攝地點的桃園觀音海濱,

The model I invited today is Li Ting who has been several times in my portrait shoots, we drove about 40 minutes to a beach area in the northwest coast of Taiwan,

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挪威春季北極生態探險歸來(Back from the Svalbard Spring Expedition 2018)

隨著今年2月份挪威Lofoten群島風景極光之旅後,緊接著是再度去挪威斯瓦爾巴(Svalbard)群島的生態探索,After the February Lofoten Island Norway photography tour, in April I went out again to Svalbard Norway for a wildlife and landscape cruise with a small ship “Arctica II”,

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挪威春季北極生態探險行前(Before the Svalbard Spring Expedition 2018)


This year for me will be a busy one, after the travel to the Lofoten Island Norway in February, I start in April another trip to Svalbard Norway,

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挪威島嶼極光之旅歸來( Back from the “Norway’s Lofoten Islands” Tour)

走出父親過世的一年(2017)丁憂,今年(2018)恢復每年2趟的長途旅行攝影,首趟是在去年已規劃安排的挪威Lofoten群島極光及雪地攝影,我選擇美國有名的攝影團隊Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris” 的12人攝影團由Mr. Joseph Van Os 親自領隊

After the one year home stay for the pass away of my father, I started again my 2 times per year long distance photography tour, the first one is the Lofoten island in Norway, I join the “Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris” photography group led by Joseph Van Os,

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