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新冠疫苗淺談(The Revolution in Medicine)


Since the end of year 2019 the first Corona virus case appeared in Wuhan it has been 2 long years, a huge impact and change to the global people’s life, the variant of the virus block the way to the end of the pandemic, now the situation is getting worse following the coming winter season, increasing infection cases have been reported in Europe and America, scientists believe the only effective way to resist  this wave of infection is getting vaccinated, although there are few infected cases still occurred in the vaccinated people, but according to the experiment results, the anti bodies in the human body of the vaccinated man can stop the virus to be further developed, the scientists are still certain that the vaccine can avoid the serious disease and infection.

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九一一二十週年紐約世貿大樓恐攻經歷(The memory in person of the 911 20 anniversary )



I have retired from the job around 10 years, the frames of memory on the past career have been also gradually fading away, looking at the young generation who are busy and occupied day by day with their task that is we say the generation transition, and the episode of life are going on and on at the life stage till the last one.

This year is the 20 anniversary of the 911 terror attack by the Al-Qaeda and sadly also the same year that American troops embarrassingly leave the Afghanistan battlefield, the retaliation movements against the terrorism terminated and failed, this is a fetal strike to the people of the world at the same side specially those involved.

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新冠疫情淺談(The inference of the COVIT pandemic)


There have been nearly two years coincidentally since my last photography expedition travel to South Georgia & Falkland in 2019 with “Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris”, that the first covid 19 case which found in Wuhan, in these two years people in the world were severely suffering the interference on the normal life style and activities from the pandemic restrictions especially the world traveling,

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生活一得(Self Wisdom)

生活中的體驗有很多事和物是值的我們深思的, 以下是一些生活中的感受即興寫下作為生活中或與人互動時的激勵:

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