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喜歡攝影的人很希望能和同好相互交流互通有關攝影的技巧及創意, 攝影藝術除了設備,拍攝技巧外,對影像最後的修整如裁切等更是不可忽視的部份,另外一個影像最終的輸出及展示等一連串的步驟,其中包含的技術,創意在數位攝影時代更是攝影人須要追求而不假他人之手來完成的目標.歡迎有志一同的攝影先進,同好來函指教!

We as the photographers, no matter what you are a enthusiast or professional, we need to interchanging our knowledge and creative ideas of the photography, except the tools and shooting knowledge the post processing such as contrasting, color management, cropping etc. are also a most creative and not neglectful workflow in the digital era, furthermore, a string of the works on how to export and present your works which including printing, framing etc. should be a targets included for aiming at and not be through the third body.

I invite all the excellent buddy in photography to send your knowledge and thinking to chat with: 

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